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What to Do Before Asking a House Painting Contractor For an Estimate

The homeowners should prepare to know what it will take to repaint their home. Painting contractors for houses can provide various estimates based on their working schedule. In colder towns like Boston soliciting a quote in the Wintermonths, when the economy is slow , and the contractors lined up projects for the spring and Summer, could save you money. Costs for painting the same home can increase during the summer and Fall , when painting contractors are most busy.

A little education can show that house painters can have different strategies to accomplish the same task. Understanding the different approaches can help you determine the cost and help you assess a painting estimate for your home painting contractor.

Painting exterior walls is possible using a variety of methods. Some home painters prefer spraying the paint onto the walls, while others use rollers or brushes to paint the walls. Each method has its advantages and drawbacks. Spray painting contractors using this technique may be more efficient however they often leave behind the most mess if windows or trimmings aren’t shielded from spray. Rollers can do a quick job, without mess, however they are best used for painting stucco, brick, and concrete. Brushes can be the most slow application, but skilled house painters often count on them to get the best outcomes, particularly for the clapboard and shingle sidings of houses and other types of siding.

Before contacting a contractor for your initial quote Be aware about the condition of your walls of your home. Are the walls peeling or cracking? Are there signs of mold, mildew or moss growing on walls? A skilled painter will never paint over a surface that is unstable. For preparation, things like scraping old paint off or priming raw wood and caulking gaps, imperfections and cracks will impact the estimation.

For interior painting of houses The methods are the same to the exterior. More efficient jobs, especially for new construction or empty properties where mess isn’t an issue, can be applied with spray. The most elegant interior work can be completed using brushes and rollers. When painting, contractors must protect furnishings and windows from contact with paint. So make sure you inquire about the way your contractor will complete that. Carpets that are stained and windows that have paint on glass are not something you want to be faced with.

The price of your house painting estimate will also be based on your selection of paint. This is a combination of the quality of the paint and its colour. Of course, the highest quality paint will be more expensive. Make a decision in advance if are looking for a cheap job or one that is top-quality. Be sure to ensure that the estimates are for comparable high-quality paints, and exactly the identical shades.

The painting contractors will be able to tell whether the project will require only one coat of paint or a number of coats. If you’re looking to keep costs low pick a paint color that is similar as the color of the previous. White over white could require just one application while painting a light shade over a darker color could take three layers. Since you’ll be charged to paint each time, make sure you are ready for the expense.

With all of this in mind, contact two or three home painting professionals, and examine the prices. These estimates can give you an estimate of price and quality.


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