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Three Truths about Men and Relationships: 3 Things That Might Shock You


Do you find men who are in relationships with women tend to be more open-minded than others? Are you prone to believing that they cheat? These and other negative views about men and relationships can make it difficult to find a loving, healthy relationship with them.

There are three things that women often don’t understand or believe about men and relationships. These facts can help you have better relationships with men. You will also be miserable if you don’t believe these truths.

#1 – You don’t have to chase women to fall for them.

This is a common misconception among women: to get a man to fall in love with you, they must be hard-to-get. This is a problem because some women push this idea too far, which is not a good idea. While it is important not to give in to his flattery, it isn’t a good idea not to appreciate any gift he presents.trial separation checklist

Men like to chase but they don’t have to chase. You can make a guy fall in love with your persona, but it’s possible. Don’t make it more difficult by playing unnecessary cat and mouse games.

#2 – Men also feel emotions.

A common misconception that women hold about men is that they are cold, unfeeling animals who don’t want to be told. It’s something you’ve likely experienced before: when you attempt to bring up a problem within the relationship, he tends to dismiss it as trivial. When you insist on discussing it, he responds with something like “Why aren’t you being so dramatic?”

Although it may seem annoying, this is simply a man’s way to say that he cannot handle the situation you put him in. The third shocking truth is that pressing the issue will only make matters worse.

#3 – Men want to be with women.

It will surprise you to learn that many men are looking for a woman with whom they can live happily for the long-term. They’re willing to be committed to just one woman, but it shouldn’t be difficult.

This is the most important truth to remember when dealing with men in relationships: the more he feels attracted to you the more likely he will commit to you. Avoid the typical nagging and complaining that women associate with men. Instead, work together to create a happy and healthy relationship.


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