Things to Consider When Setting Up a Minecraft Serve

Craftbukkit is a third-party Minecraft mod which lets in you to apply Minecraft plugins. The mod is to be had at Bukkit.Org and operates as a JAR document which runs the Minecraft server JAR.

After downloading the present day model of Craftbukkit rename the downloaded file to craftbukkit.Jar. You can down load the development build or the encouraged build. Recommended builds are more strong but they’re often preceding variations of Minecraft which users with updated customers cannot connect to. Unless the encouraged construct is also up to date for the modern version of Minecraft you’ll want to run the development construct.

Copy the craftbukkit.Jar report to the same listing that includes your minecraft_server.Jar. This article assumes you already have a going for walks Minecraft server, if now not please talk to my article on putting in your very own Minecraft server.

Start your Minecraft server as you typically would, but replace minecraft_server.Jar with craftbukkit.Jar. You may also need to growth the quantity of RAM allotted for your server, as Craftbukkit will require extra memory, mainly with plugins. Craftbukkit will initialize itself and create a configuration document known as bukkit.Yml. Nothing on this record has to be changed and configuration is reasonably primary.

What’s next with Bukkit is selecting Minecraft Servers and installing plugins. Plugins are to be had on the Bukkit.Org web page beneath plugins.Bukkit.Org. Here you can listing plugins through class, and even search for plugins based on keywords. Plugins which have not been updated lately in all likelihood might not work with the ultra-modern version of Craftbukkit/Minecraft. On a plugin page you could download the plugin, find statistics and documentation, and interact with other users.

Downloading and putting in a plugin is a fairly simple process. If you get a JAR record, just placed that report within the “plugins” folder routinely generated by using Craftbukkit. You will need to restart the server for this transformation to take impact. The plugin can even generate a folder with the equal name because the JAR record containing configuration files and other belongings required to use the plugin.

If your download is a zipper or rar record you need to unzip/unrar this file the use of a application that can deal with those extensions. Move these files in your plugin folder and make sure the JAR report is in the root of the plugins folder. Restart your server and the brand new plugin could be activated.

If you are having problem finding out the way to use the plugin you downloaded, the down load web page will have a hyperlink to the writer’s sources where you could discover ways to use your plugins to the fullest volume.