Things that need to be considered before taking a personal loan

When you take a personal loan, it is important to realize that the duration in which you repay the loan amount would have an adverse effect on your credit score. Before applying for a loan, it is advised to estimate the amount that you can repay after your routine expenses.

Today, loans can be repaid as instalments in monthly, three months, six months or yearly instalments.  There are many lenders that are good at personal loan in Toa Payoh that can provide you with loans of various kinds. Listed below are the things that must be assessed before taking a personal loan.

Loan amount

One thing you must be sure of before you apply for a loan is the amount that will be sufficient for your purpose. Also, your capability to repay is another important factor. Ask the question to yourself –

  • How extensively do you require the amount and for what objective?
  • Are you in the situation to repay this quantity over time?
  • Is the amount safe enough for you to be able to repay?


Under ideal occurrences, you should borrow only the basic amount that is enough for your needs.

Interest rate

Personal loans are usually the most commonly chosen loan types. Hence, these loans are usually available at different rates of interest from different lenders. The rate of interest can impact your EMI and thus, affect your compensation proficiency. The higher is the EMI amount, the harder it is to repay.

There are many money lending institutions that offer distinct rates of interest. It is crucial that you conduct a proper investigation and locate the institution that offers the best interest rates that are affordable.

Repayment period

It is important to check the repayment tenure when deciding the loan agreements. A repayment term means the time period in which you have to make your EMI payments. The longer the repayment term, the lesser your EMI amount.

Note that a longer tenure symbolizes a high-interest rate. This is why it is recommended to keep the repayment duration short and feasible as per your capability.



One must consider numerous things before deciding to opt for a personal loan. It is important to consider your requirements, tenure and capability to repay the amount, etc. Choosing the right loan amount is important in order to repay the loan within the given time frame. Conduct a proper research before deciding to consider a loan amount.