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How to Look Taller: Dressing Tips for Men

Many times, it has been said that being tall is a major advantage, especially when it comes to one’s appearance. However, not everyone is blessed with the height that models need. The good news is that the small can make themselves appear taller by using optical illusions. These dressing tips for men will help you achieve this effect. When they are shown an image that keeps them looking up, the brain will perceive someone or something as tall. These insights are well worth your attention.

Wear clothes with vertical stripes or patterns – Vertical stripes create a slimming effect. It makes someone appear taller. This design is available in a variety of colors. You can also choose textured clothes that have prominent up-and-down patterns if you don’t like stripes. This illusion can also be achieved with fabrics in the same style as corduroy or narrow herringbone weaves Dress Shoes for Men.

Fit Clothes are a Men’s Fashion Tip. This can help make even the shortest man look taller and more streamlined. Men prefer loose fitting tops and trousers because they are comfortable. These clothes make you appear fat and sloppy. You can appear slimmer and taller by choosing smaller clothes. You can find clothing that fits you well if you don’t have the right size, so go to the tailor.

Wear eye-catching tops and accessories – If you want people to look at your feet more than your feet, choose something that will draw their attention to your head. You can make the difference with a stylish necktie, polo shirt or blouse with appealing prints. Make sure your tops are in harmony with your pants.

Wear the Right Clothes for You – This idea is common in dressing tips for men and serves multiple purposes. For different occasions, guys often wear shorts or shirts with shorter sleeves. These do not enhance their height and make them appear more plain. Jackets make you appear taller and more prominent. Short guys tend to have shorter legs so they should wear pants with higher waistbands. This gives the illusion of long legs. Avoid wearing pants with a low waist.

Shop at High-End Clothing Stores. These stores often have items that are tailored to your needs. Ask for help with the look you are aiming for. They may have more ideas than you do. These items are more expensive than regular merchandise so be sure to budget.

Wear appropriate shoes – Shoes that add height to your feet should be purchased. You can wear heels, but be careful. A half inch would suffice. As with most dressing tips, make sure you choose shoes that match your outfit. Consider basic colors such as black or brown when shopping for shoes.


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