How To Install K9 Pet Turf Systems For Dogs

If your triangle is bigger than this then there are additional steps to take. Just measure the length as well as the wideness of your lawn like the image above. Any curvatures or angles need to be cut from the turf rectangles. It’s not too difficult however you’ll require the right tools for the job.

Although many turf contractors suggest it, it’s because it’s inexpensive. It is used by those who need more bounce and grip on their artificial grass for athletic activities. If the edges don’t match the design of the lawn, cut them or trim them as needed. Click for more information on San Clemente artificial turf installation

Watering The Lawn

By dividing the sections into smaller pieces at a given time, but their sides should be joined as if seaming the two fabrics. Make use of a plate-compactor or a plate tamper to compress the surface. In areas that have obstructions such as trees, you can use the hand tamper. You can also lay two-by-four planks of wood on the stones and then hammer down.

Measure Your Turf

Air drain is a faster way to drain and has a stronger structure, however it is more to set up. Because of this, drains are the most sought-after drainage solution for pet turf. Who said that easy artificial grass installation couldn’t be done? You don’t have to search around for the best artificial turf installers near me. And pet turf installation close to me, if you are able to do it yourself!

They’re willing to provide you with a no-cost Artificial grass designs and estimate for installation that will assist you to determine if artificial turf is the best option in your garden. If you’re looking for an artificial grass that appears as real grass think about an artificial turf made from polyethylene. Polyethylene appears more natural and has a soft texture than polypropylene or nylon.

After that, fold in the pieces of turfand and then stretch the seam tape to the middle of two pieces. Then, roll one piece of turf to the seam tape, then align the opposite side and repeat. Be sure to have all turf fibers facing your home. When you place the turf roll in the direction of your home , it will give you the highest quality final product. Our guide on how you can apply artificial grass can be a helpful guideline for your work.

Check that you have a proper drainage system. If the area isn’t equipped with an adequate drainage system it is worth installing a drainage system. If you’re only dealing with some areas with low infill Start by adding small amounts of infill in locations with smaller levels.

Remove Top Soil

But, you need to maintain your lawn to get the feel and look like real grass. Artificial turf appears as real grass and requires low maintenance when contrasted to the installation of real grass. There are some steps to follow before you lay the artificial grass. Some of these are not required and it’s always recommended to consult with your manufacturer of artificial grass. It’s not difficult to pick up the lawn and attempt another time if you make a mistake up, but it’s ideal to do it correctly in the very first attempt.

Utilize a bubble level as well as a string and ruler for grading flat surfaces to 3 to 3 percent slope (a 2-3 feet drop for every 100 feet) and then slope downwards to the curb or drainage system. If you’re worried about weeds that are growing in the artificial grass you can lay a geotextile liner on the bottom of the area that has been excavated. If you have any existing vegetation in the area you plan to put your turf down first spray with Round-Up or similar product that kills all the plants in the area. Make sure to do this at least two weeks prior to the start of your work to allow the product time to take effect and eliminate all the vegetation that is present in the area. This will make sure that all plant material has died down to the root.

Making artificial turf on your own is a great and easy DIY project you can take on this summer. “Your first step would be to measure the length of your yard and multiply that by its width, which will tell you how much grass you need,” says Castillo. If you’re ready to lay synthetic grass trim the turf into a shape, then put nails on the seams and edges using landscaping staples. Make sure you broom in fillers, which are substances put between the blades of synthetic grass to make them more stable. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to install artificial grass yourself to get the perfect look without the cost.