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Have you experienced an illness for which your doctor has no explanation as to its cause and therefore could not properly prescribe a medicine? Or have you heard of someone who had such illness that could not be properly analyzed even by medical specialists as to its cause and cure? Or have you yourself encountered a situation, financial or relational or whatever, wherein it seems that there was no way out, no matter how much you tried? Or maybe you heard of someone who was in this situation.

If you have experienced or heard about such St Hubert Medal for Sale situations, you or the one about whom you heard with this situation, may be victims of shamanic curses. The more fearful thing about these shamanic curses is that you may be completely unaware of it and therefore you will be suffering from them without ever realizing you are under these curses. And so you continue to suffer, and go from one medical examination to another, and from one cure to another without getting better. In fact you will just go from bad to worse and further worsening.

So, what precisely are shamanic curses? Saint Hubert Before we can discuss how to get rid of them we first need to have a clear idea what these are so that we can effectively get rid of them, possibly forever from our lives.

Shamanic curses are curses produced by a shaman. So what is a shaman? A shaman is a person who is more conscious of the spirit world we live in than most of us or the average person. These qualities usually describe a shaman:

  1. a member of a tribal society
  2. he or she acts as an intermediary between our visible world and the invisible world of spirits
  3. he or she practices rituals for healing, foretelling of events, and even for influencing the outcome of events.

The word “shaman” is a Russian term Saint Hubert but the dictionary says that the root of this is the Sanskrit “srama” which means “religious exercise”. This term has come to mean many things in its later uses. It has come to means a non-Christian priest-doctor, someone who performs religious duties and ceremonies in a non-Christian religion, a medicine man or woman, healer, sorcerer, spirit-raiser, voodooist, a witch doctor.

Lest you think that in the civilized part of the world there are no more shamans let me relate to you a personal story which made me learn more about shamanism.

In 1993 I invited a missionary priest to the university where I was teaching in Cotabato City, Philippines, to give us a seminar-workshop on environmental care. The workshops lasted for several days. In the course of this series of workshops that priest asked one of my staff whether I was a shaman. And that staff told me that the priest asked her whether I was a shaman. Intrigued because at that time I had no idea what a shaman was, I researched what the meaning of this word was. Then I asked myself: What did that priest saw in me which made him suspect that I was a shaman? Later on I found out that my concern for the environment and for spiritual things made that priest suspect that I was a shaman.