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First Rally Driving Experience

2023 Toyota Crown hybrid sedan offers a unique and 'weird' driving  experience | TweakTown

I may have trouble with one horse power (horseback riding), but give me 355 horses and I am on my way. I had the luxury experience to drive a new 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera S while in Switzerland, which was made available from the hotel Palace Luzern. The Palace Luzern, in conjunction with Porsche, makes available, for the price of the gas, a Porsche for guests staying at the hotel to drive. You only need to provide your signature, acknowledging the insurance responsibility, and you are presented the keys and a map for your drive around the breathtaking area surrounding Lucerne, Switzerland.

As any good race car driver or actually tesla accessories any driver would do, I had to check out all the features available to me for my drive. So, what did I have to work with? A 6 speed manual transmission, a 6 cylinder 355 hp engine at 6,500 rpm with 295 lb-ft torque at a compression ration of 11.8-1; translated, I was not going to be riding behind any cars during my drive. To balance out the ride there is a 4-piston aluminum monobloc fixed calipers, vacuum servo, ventilated, and drilled, ABS braking system, as though I was going to need this feature, but it was nice to know that it was there. I made sure to kick each of the 19” Carrera S light alloy wheels as I walked around ‘my’ RED (of course it had to be red, what other color equates power and speed for a car) 911 S (I was now on a first name basis). I familiarized myself with the plush interior starting with the 3-spoke sport leather covered steering wheel, eyed the on-board gauges for mileage, time and speed, and the on-board navigation system, which conveys direction via the voice of a beautiful woman (ok, I am not sure what the woman looks like behind that great voice, but this was the only time that I listened to a woman when she gave me directions) directing me throughout my journey, and of course there was all the other great toys such as a 9 speaker Bose surround sound system that delivered the ‘beautiful woman’s’ voice to me during the navigational requirements, a sunroof, and on and on, but let us stay focused, this is a 911 S we are talking about. The only thing I was missing was a 3 point harness for the seats, a flashback to my racing days. So, with the beautiful Debra C. Argen beside me, and the unknown woman navigating, I was off to the races, so to speak.

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