Dr Linus Pualing – The Father of Orthomolecular Medicine

I mentioned to you closing week that sinister things are afoot in US medicine, inclusive of medical research clearly being “dropped” from the information of medication if they prove some thing opposite to Big Pharma. (If you failed to see this problem, go to Sinister Things Afoot on the internet site and read the story). I also reminded you that CODEX is coming, and it will be the quit of public get entry to to anything except the maximum minuscule doses of nutritional dietary supplements. In order to make this restriction on our health freedom palatable, conventional medicinal drug is “priming” us with pseudo-studies like the new one we see this week proclaiming that “Vitamins Raise Death Risk.” Before I give an explanation for the sleight-of-hand that accomplished this outrageous “locating,” permit me remind you who’s at the back of these “consequences.” Consider the Source

In their ongoing effort to discredit and subsequently outlaw nutritional supplements and herbal medicinal drug, traditional remedy, funded by Big Pharma, has “tested” that nutritional supplements are risky. This file became posted in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). Let’s see — conventional medicinal drug, the identical folks who promote risky drugs as “secure” and kill, via conservative estimate, a hundred,000 people in step with 12 months. (Other credible evidence locations this wide variety as excessive as seven-hundred,000 according to yr).

Have you ever study a replica of JAMA? (Perhaps no longer, unless you are an inquisitive doctor or you suffer from intense insomnia). JAMA is funded by means of millions of dollars worth of drug company advertising. The articles are on skinny paper published in black and white. The drug ads — most averaging 8-12 pages long — are on heavy paper with bright colorations, cutouts, glitter, holograms, pop-usaand other attractive artwork. Because the drug commercials are on heavier weight paper and are cut barely smaller that article pages, every time you open a copy of JAMA, you open to a drug advert. EVERY time. (I’ve done my personal research on this)! These commercials are really extraordinary, a ways more fantastic than something visible in lay magazines. About the best element I haven’t yet seen in a drug advert is scratch-and-sniff, but I’ll bet it’s coming. OK, so we recognize who funds JAMA. It’s Big Pharma. Now allow’s talk approximately the American Medical Association.

For years, The American Medical Association has labored hard to discredit natural medicine. As proof, they were observed responsible in US federal court of engaging in a conspiracy to smash chiropractic medicinal drug. The AMA could do some thing in its electricity to bring down natural medicinal drug whilst on the same time strengthening ties to the supply of their funding and their entire existence: Big Pharma.

So, the diet story is supposed to be “big news”? For all their conflicts of hobby, JAMA published a dubious retrospective have a look at stating that vitamins are at high-quality nugatory and at worst, deadly. Can we truely depend on JAMA for honest, scientific reporting where alternative and herbal remedy is involved? Consider the supply of this spurious reporting.

Figures Lie and Liars Figure: How to “Prove” That Supplements are Dangerous It’s not difficult to faux a clinical study, or set up a study assured to “show” the consequences you want to show. Heck, Big Pharma has been doing this for years, “proving” that many deadly drugs are “secure and effective”! They’ve sincerely executed it once more, this time in opposite and this time with vitamins. Here’s how easy it’s far to “show” that vitamin supplements are dangerous or as a minimum nugatory, and the way this modern-day “pseudo research” changed into performed. You, too, may be a clinical researcher in case you follow those simple suggestions.

First, installation a take caseearn.com a look at the usage of artificial sorts of vitamins in place of obviously-going on bureaucracy. This ensures that the materials used within the studies aren’t the same as the ones discovered in nature, and for this reason, unlikely to work like the ones located in nature. In the remaining decades, as an example, research that “prove” diet E is dangerous all used synthetic sorts of the nutrition. Remember the older study which “proved” that beta carotene extended lung most cancers chance in people who smoke? You guessed it — synthetic beta carotene. The handiest issue those studies are proving is that synthetic vitamins, which do now not have the equal chemical makeup as their natural counter-elements, do now not characteristic the identical inside the body and may be dangerous. But these studies do NOT show that herbal vitamins are dangerous. Of path, the public isn’t given gain of this crucial piece of statistics.

Why do not any of those conventional clinical researchers use the herbal forms of nutrients for his or her research? I’ll come up with three guesses, the first do not count. Because research the use of natural vitamins might display what thousands of other studies have proven: nutrients (similar to found in nature) aren’t simplest secure, they prevent a multitude of sicknesses and delay aging.

Second, it is vital to hand-choose the consequences to include in your evaluation. Throw out all high quality consequences that would battle with what you are trying to prove. In this situation, toss out 405 studies showing the advantage of vitamins. Next, include any observe you could find which indicates a terrible impact. Finally, make certain to select studies where vitamins have been utilized in patients who had only a few weeks to live (as turned into executed inside the vitamin E studies). Better but, do as those “researchers” did and use handiest the research where people died. Though no drug or feat of modern-day medication would be expected to “shop” such patients, you can in no way-the-less “prove” that vitamins do not both, and are consequently nugatory. In truth, considering those patients in the study died, you can declare that nutrients are truely lethal. Are you getting the feel for the way to be a clinical “researcher” yet? Third, make certain to report outcomes using statistical obfuscation. Since most laymen do not know the difference among relative risk and absolute chance, use whichever method of reporting provides the results you’re after.

In the case of vitamins, if 1 individual in 1,000 dies without taking nutrients and 1.Sixteen humans (0.16 of someone?) in 1,000 dies who did take nutrients, document that the risk was expanded via sixteen% while in truth not a unmarried additional individual died from taking synthetic nutrients. On the opposite hand, if 2 human beings in 1,000 die of high ldl cholesterol with out taking pills and 1 person in 1,000 dies whilst all 1,000 are on a Big Pharma offering, document that your drug “slashes the dying price by way of a hundred%.” Heck, few human beings understand statistical significance besides, and those two strategies of reporting — relative and absolute — will give you numerous “flexibility” while looking to show a factor.