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Do You Think You Are a Christian? Are You Sure?

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Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s (HPB) task was to go about as a courier to bring the information that there is a Heavenly Insight – Theo-sophia as the root and premise whereupon all ways of thinking, sciences and religions are established and which directs the universe, nature and human existence.

This Heavenly Insight is differently known as the Antiquated Insight, or Intelligence Religion, or Recondite Way of thinking, or Lasting Way of thinking, or Mysterious Science. This large number of terms imply the way that Theo-sophia isn’t an arrangement of conviction planned by an individual, nor a religion in the standard importance of the word meaning formalized love and custom; rather the gathered insight of countless ages has been methodicallly checked by ages of sages the world over.

What then, at that point, is Mysterious Science?

It is a conventional term mystical teachings of jesus alluding to the Airtight or Elusive Sciences, which investigate the fundamental, or secret privileged insights of Nature – physical and mystic, mental and profound – instead of, however not barring, Her superficial presentation and mechanical way of behaving which Western science studies to virtual flawlessness.

For instance, that Swedenborg came to the Mysterious lessons in his overall originations is shown by his paper on the Vortical Hypothesis.

HPB’s message

Regarding the message that HPB brought: it depends on key maxims formed into three recommendations that can’t be considered freely from the entire, implying that no perspective, no guideline and no regulation can be appropriately viewed as in detachment: the Universe and all that is in it comprise an Entirety.

Moreover, it can’t be too firmly stressed that these recommendations are not the creation of HPB or any other person. They structure the premise of the introduction of the conventions of the Heavenly Insight. Endless ages of sages have checked these conventions by concentrate as well as commonsense involvement with a way likened to the inductive strategy for science by which a speculation set forward is checked by repeatable tests and just when there is an adequate support among speculation and trial confirmation is the previous raised to a hypothesis.

In comparable vein these sages have viewed the lessons articulated as in consonance with the superseding reasoning formed by them. Yet, it was HPB who orchestrated the different and dispersed pieces of this principle into a reasonable framework and collection of information made accessible interestingly to, and in a reasonable figure of speech for, the Western world overall.

In any case, it is also to bring up here HPB’s advice ‘that no human-conceived principle, no belief, but blessed by custom and artifact, can contrast in holiness and the religion of Nature. The Key of Astuteness that opens the enormous doors prompting the arcana of the deepest asylums can be found secret in her chest as it were: and that chest is in the nations highlighted by the extraordinary soothsayer of the previous century Emanuel Swedenborg. There lies the core of nature, that holy place whence gave the early races of antiquated Humankind, and which is the support of actual man’.

The Cards of Fate have managed mankind a gem priceless in HPB’s message of profound elevate and general fraternity to be accomplished by an information on the everlasting verities of our reality. Have we utilized this glorious gift with appreciation, understanding and love? Who is to say? All profound educators are nevertheless couriers. They proffer no commencements and play out no supernatural occurrences at our command. Everything that could be done been to say, with H. P.Blavatsky: ‘I can let you know how to find The people who will show you the mysterious entryway that leads internal just, and closes quick behind the beginner for evermore. For the people who win onwards, there is compensation past all telling: the ability to favor and save mankind. For the people who fall flat, there are different lives in which achievement might come.’

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