Customer Testimonials: How WaterHog Mats Have Improved their Facility’s Safety and Appearance


Welcome to our blog post on how WaterHog mats have improved facility safety and appearance! As a business owner or facilities manager, you know that maintaining cleanliness and safety are top priorities. That’s where WaterHog mats come in – they’re the ultimate solution for keeping your floors clean while providing slip-resistant protection. But don’t just take our word for it – read on to discover how customers have benefited from using WaterHog mats in their facilities.

What is WaterHog?

WaterHog is the ultimate mat solution for commercial and industrial facilities that require high-quality floor protection. These mats keep your floors dry, clean, and safe from slips and falls. 

The WaterHog mat is made of durable materials that withstand heavy foot traffic, making it an ideal choice for busy entrances or hallways. The mat’s surface has a unique pattern that traps dirt, debris, and moisture to prevent them from spreading across your floors. 

WaterHog mats also come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs to cater to all facility needs – indoor or outdoor use. You can even customize these mats with your company logo or branding message.

These mats have revolutionized the flooring industry by providing excellent slip resistance in wet conditions while enhancing the overall appearance of any facility they’re installed in.

In short, WaterHog Mats is an intelligent investment for any facility looking for reliable floor protection solutions that improve safety standards while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

How have customers benefited from using WaterHog mats?

WaterHog mats are known for their durability, versatility, and effectiveness in trapping dirt and moisture. But beyond these features, customers have significantly benefited from using WaterHog mats in many ways.

One of the primary benefits is improved safety in the workplace. With WaterHog mats’ slip-resistant backing, employees walking on wet or slippery floors can avoid falls that may cause injuries. These mats prevent accidents by providing a secure surface to walk on.

Another benefit of using WaterHog mats is the enhanced appearance of facilities. These high-quality entrance mats trap dirt and debris at the door before entering your building – this improves indoor air quality and reduces cleaning costs needed to maintain cleanliness levels within your facility.

Moreover, customers who use WaterHog mats report lower maintenance costs as they require less frequent replacement than traditional rubber or carpeted matting systems. The long-lasting nature of these products ensures that customers get value for their money while also reducing environmental waste by keeping old floor coverings out of landfills.

In summary, customer testimonials indicate that using WaterHog Mats has been an excellent investment due to the multitude of benefits offered, such as better workplace safety; an improvement in indoor air quality; cost savings through reduced maintenance needs & longer product life cycles; visual enhancing common areas with vibrant colors & designs!

Case Study 1: Improved Safety in the Workplace

One of the primary concerns for any facility is ensuring a safe environment for its employees and visitors. This is where WaterHog mats come into play, offering a practical solution that improves safety in the workplace.

A case study conducted on a manufacturing plant revealed that after installing WaterHog mats, there was a significant reduction in slip-and-fall accidents. The unique design of these mats allows them to scrape dirt and debris from shoes, which reduces the risk of slipping on wet or dirty floors.

Moreover, WaterHog mats are known for absorbing large amounts of water quickly. This means that even when floors are wet due to spills or weather conditions, they remain dry and slip-resistant thanks to these durable mats.

By reducing accidents caused by slips and falls, facilities can save money on workers’ compensation claims and medical expenses while improving overall productivity. With WaterHog mats installed throughout the facility, employees can work with peace of mind knowing they’re protected against unnecessary hazards.

Case study 2: Enhanced appearance of the facility

WaterHog mats not only improve a facility’s safety but also enhance its appearance. One case study that showcases this is a hotel in downtown Los Angeles that decided to replace its old, worn-out entrance mats with WaterHog mats. The hotel’s management was amazed by how much of a difference it made.

The WaterHog mats had an immediate impact on the visual appeal of the lobby area. The unique design and color options improved the overall look and feel of the space, making it more welcoming for guests. Not only did they provide better aesthetics, but they were also functional in trapping dirt and moisture from incoming foot traffic.

As a result, maintaining cleanliness became easier as visitors tracked less dust and debris into the building. This resulted in fewer cleaning hours to maintain appearances within high-traffic areas like lobbies or entrances.

Investing in WaterHog Mats has improved customer satisfaction levels at this particular establishment while providing long-term cost savings for maintenance needs through their durability.


To conclude, WaterHog mats are an essential investment for facilities looking to improve their safety and appearance. With their outstanding quality and functionality, these mats provide a practical solution to various facility challenges.

From our case studies above, it is evident that WaterHog mats are perfect for high-traffic areas such as entrances or corridors where dirt and moisture can accumulate. Not only do they eliminate slip hazards in the workplace, but they also enhance the overall look of your facility.

Therefore, if you’re looking for ultimate mats that will keep your floors clean and improve safety within your premises, we recommend trying out WaterHog Mats. Not only will you protect employees from slips and falls caused by wet floors, but you’ll also create a welcoming environment with exceptional aesthetics!