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Causes of Blocked Drains and Pipes and How to Prevent Them


There is always the chance that an obstruction to a drain or pipe issue will arise at one point or another in every home. But, if we act early enough to stop these problems from occurring, we will prevent the annoyance these problems can cause, particularly when they become expensive and long-lasting. This is why we have listed the main reasons for blocked drains and pipes to be aware of. These should aid you in determining ways to prevent them from getting worse.

Tree Roots

Tree roots spread underground and tend to gravitate towards areas with water. Pipes with leaks and drainage systems supply the needed moisture that the roots of trees are drawn to which is why there are many instances where roots expand their roots into pipes and drains, causing obstructions. If the roots are already growing within the pipe or drain and were cut back to clear the area will only serve as an ineffective fix as the roots can grow again and create the same issue repeatedly. This could be expensive in the end when the problem recurs. The most efficient solution is to change the entire section, and to keep it as leak-proof and watertight as you canToronto plumbers.

Leaves, Twigs and Other Garden Debris

Dead leaves and twigs, as well as the rest of garden litter are among the most common causes of clogging in drains and gutters. This can occur during the fall season when trees’ leaves fall in large numbers. Make sure to clean your drains and gutters of garden waste to stop the accumulation of debris and cause blockages in the future.

Fats and Other Greasy Substances

Fats and grease adhere onto the edges of your drainpipe once they have been they are poured into the drain. As time passes, other materials such as hair bits and dirt, are caught in them and form an uncontrollable mass, which causes the drain to become blocked. To stop this from occurring, avoid pouring fatty and greasy substances down your drain. Place the contents in containers or even a bottle, and then throw them into the garbage can instead.

Hair Strands

Hair is prone to getting tangled into various things, for example, the drain pipes. After a time the hair pieces accumulate into an accumulation, which is then mixed with other substances which can cause a blockage inside your drain. To prevent the build-up of hair and causing problems, it is a good idea to remove hair pieces after bathing or showering. It is also beneficial to regularly check of your drains for accumulations of debris to prevent obstructions.

Toilet Trash

Soap bits or toilet paper, cotton balls, and other things could cause drains to become blocked. They can end up getting caught within the drain conduit and cause a blockage. Don’t flush your trash down your toilet. Always keep a trash bin in the bathroom to put your garbage instead of throwing it into the toilet bowl. Make sure you dispose of your trash properly if wish to avoid blocking your drain.

Never ignore the problem of a blocked drain. A minor issue could be a major issue when ignored. If you delay the process of getting an obstruction in your drain fixed and it can lead you into serious problems, such like:

Due to the blockages, stormwater pipes may burst, or break, and create flooding, as well as other issues such as water ingress. Naturally, you’d have to pay substantial amounts to fix the issue as well as repairs.

U-bends or S-bends such as those in drains for sinks, will require replacement. There are instances where the damage is so serious that it’s required to replace the pipes connecting them also.

Drains that have been severely blocked can result in sewage being released into your home. It is even more dangerous if it flows into your neighbor’s or public property! In this instance you’ll be required to pay to repair or replace damaged pipes.

Don’t be in difficulties when you have blocked drains. Avoid small issues from turning into serious issues and don’t take the time getting the drain blocked fixed immediately. Hire a professional plumber to tackle your blocked drains and pipes prior to them become worse.

If you want your pipes and drains fixed to have your pipes and drains cleared, call RTL Plumbing If you’re around Brisbane, Australia. They have experienced and highly skilled plumbers who can resolve the plumbing issues fast efficiently, and with a reasonable price.




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