Buying a Snooker Table – What to Look Out For

In a game of snooker the balls are one of the most important things. However there are a variety of sizes available and it is vital that you pick the correct size. Different size tables have different size pockets and hence require different size balls. You should aim at spending no more than £20 for a whole set but in some cases you may have to buy the cue ball separately. The size of the triangle will also depend on the size of the balls and triangles too can vary in size.

It is essential that you look after your snooker World snooker championship finals table in order to enjoy your game and not get distracted by problems with the table. To ensure that your table remains in good condition then you should buy a table cover to keep it protected when you’re not using it. Some covers are waterproof just in case your table is kept outdoors. You can also get a table brush in order to get rid of any chalk or other marks on the table. The brush can also be used to rub dust or crumbs away from the table.

Rests are crucial in a game of snooker as it is impossible to be able to reach everywhere on the table. The three main types of rest are swan neck, butt and cross. The swan neck can be used to take a shot from over the top of a ball that is obstructing the cue ball. A butt rest is also known as a spider rest and a cross rest has various other names too. Rests are a huge part of the game and should not be overlooked.

If you want to have the full snooker experience then you should consider buying some table lights. This may cost you up to £500 so have a good look around before you buy. Another option you may want to consider buying is a scoreboard. You can buy a variety of scoreboards with the cheapest costing less than £30. It is very difficult to keep score in your head so this is definitely something to think about buying. This will allow you to concentrate on your game more and not on remembering the score.

To complete the full snooker experience you may want a cue rack. This is just somewhere to stack all of your cues away nice and tidy. The prices for these can vary from between £5 and £100. Once you have all of the items you need you can enjoy a game of snooker whenever you like but just remember to look after your table and keep it in good condition.